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Is Peanut Butter really good for you?

Peanut butter tastes quite good with bread or chocolate. It also can be used to make peanut butter cookies or peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. While peanut butter in itself is not that harmful, it contains sugar and oil which makes it harmful when consumed in excessive amounts. Peanut butter contains protein, carbohydrates and fat. John Harvey Kellog patented peanut butter and even he wouldn’t have thought that there would be recipes like peanut butter cookies and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Back to the question on whether peanut butter is good for you, sugarless peanut butter might be better for people consuming it on a regular basis. Peanut butter helps with weight loss because it helps people feel full for a longer period of time and prevents them from reaching out for sugary snacks or deep fried snacks.Research suggests that women who ate nuts had less weight gain as compared to women who didn’t, over the course of the study. 

Peanut butter contains high amounts of protein (25g for every 100g), so in a way peanut butter is really good for you, if consumed in moderation. John Harvey Kellog, the person who invented peanut butter, did it to provide a meat free alternative for protein for the elderly who couldn’t chew meat.

For people who don’t like peanut butter on their own can always bake delicious peanut butter cookies or peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for a snack on the go. Oleic acid in peanut butter can help with improved heart health.Oleic acid also prevents diabetes. Healthier alternatives to peanut butter might include almond butter and walnut butter.

So we can conclude that peanut butter is really good for health but it should be made without any harmful additives and if taken in the right amount. It also depends on how fresh it is.

As mentioned above that sugary peanut butter is not good for health, you can find some harmless peanut butter in the market like PureMade peanut butter. It is natural peanut butter without harmful additives and made with natural ingredients only. You can order it online on

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